Asian markets red despite positive China comments

Markets 11/9/2018, 4:53 AM
Asian markets red despite positive China comments

Markets across the Asia-Pacific region traded lower despite Chinese President Xi Jinping's comments on the willingness of Beijing to resolve outstanding issues with the United States through negotiations. Xi is supposed to meet his US counterpart Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Argentina. Meanwhile, Japanese conglomerate Toshiba announced a turnaround plan in its new five-year strategy.

Japanese Nikkei 225 traded 0.91% in the red at 4:48 am CET, while the South Korean Kospi Composite fell 0.40% at 4:31 am CET. China's Shanghai Composite was down 1.29%% at 4:30 am CET, while Shenzhen Composite tumbled 0.54% at 4:46 am CET. Hong Kong's Hang Seng decreased 0.06% at 4:34 am CET.

Australia's S&P/ASX 200 fell 0.45% at 4:46 am CET. Meanwhile, the dollar traded 0.07% lower against the yen, to go for 113.9115 at 4:48 am CET.

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Chart for: USD/JPY Spot

Australia 200...-0.37%

Chart for: Australia 200 Index

SSE Composite...+0.41%

Chart for: SSE Composite Index

Hong Kong 50 ...+0.12%

Chart for: Hong Kong 50 Index

KOSPI Composi...+0.21%

Chart for: KOSPI Composite Index

Japan 225 Ind...-0.71%

Chart for: Japan 225 Index