Authorities hid info on German data breach

World 1/5/2019, 3:20 PM
Authorities hid info on German data breach

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) was targeted by severe criticism on Saturday after it became clear that it has failed to disclose in time what it knew about a cyberattack which led to last week's leaks of private information of hundreds of politicians, journalists and artists. The German body learned of the breach as early as December, but it only alarmed the Federal Crime Office (BKA) yesterday, DPA reported.

Dietmar Bartsch, head of the lawmakers from Die Linke, or the Left, slammed it for failing to tell party leaders about the incident. All parliamentary groups were affected except for the Alternative for Germany (AfD). BSI claimed it did inform some of the affected legislators early on.

Authorities are now investigating whether the data published on an anonymous account on Twitter were cracked or they were provided by someone with access. Actually, now it is clear that sensitive information like phone numbers and correspondence were started appearing already in 2017. The package even included the fax number, email address and "several letters to and from" Chancellor Angela Merkel, but apparently nothing confidential.

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