Basque leader supports Catalonia, slams Madrid

Politics | Technology 10/21/2017, 3:58 PM
Basque leader supports Catalonia, slams Madrid

President of the Basque Government Inigo Urkullu (pictured) condemned on Saturday the decision of the central government in Madrid to activate Article 155 of the Constitution and impose direct rule in Catalonia following Barcelona's push for independence, calling the move "extreme and disproportionate." Urkullu referred to the suspension of Catalan autonomy as "dynamiting the bridges" between the two sides. 

The leader of the Basque Country, another Spanish region with separatist aspirations, also expressed support for the Catalan authorities in their search for a "constructive future." "The measure is extreme and disproportionate. Dynamite the bridges. The Generalitat has our support to look for a constructive future." the Basque leader wrote on Twitter.

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