Brexit likely to be postponed beyond March 29 - report

Politics 1/11/2019, 12:00 PM
Brexit likely to be postponed beyond March 29 - report

The United Kingdom's departure from the European Union is increasingly likely to be postponed beyond the scheduled Brexit day of March 29 this year, the Evening Standard reported on Friday citing misters from the UK cabinet. As the reason for the possible extension of Article 50, the ministers reportedly cited a large backlog of bills that have to be approved before the UK leaves the EU, including the immigration bill.

"The legislative timetable is now very very tight indeed," a senior minister said. "Certainly, if there was defeat on Tuesday and it took some time before it got resolved, it’s hard to see how we can get all the legislation through by March 29."

The report comes as the British Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to push her Brexit withdrawal deal through the UK Parliament, while at the same time trying to secure additional assurances from the EU about the temporary nature of the contentious Irish backstop clause. Earlier today, the country's Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that the current paralysis in Brexit talks could produce a "no Brexit" outcome and an effective cancelation of UK's exit from the bloc.

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