Fiat Chrysler to open factory in Detroit - report

Business 12/6/2018, 9:50 PM
Fiat Chrysler to open factory in Detroit - report

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. is planning to open an assembly facility in Detroit to built sport utility vehicles (SUVs), CNBC reported on Thursday, citing sources with knowledge on the matter. The company's decision comes amid reports that all of Detroit's car making firms plan to ditch their SUV lines. Additionally, General Motors said last week that it is laying off 14,000 workers in Canada and the US due to unfavorable conditions on the market and trade tensions with China. The car maker declined to comment on the issue.

Fiat Chrysler said earlier that SUVs and pickups are a major area of development in the US for the company, as its November sales grew 17% annually, especially driven by Jeep SUV models and Ram Trucks. Fiat also recently revealed the new Gladiator pickup model.

The auto industry giant's decision to open a new production plant in Detroit comes amid President Donald Trump's trade negotiations with Beijing and his efforts to keep auto industry in the US, as well as the new free trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada.

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