US ending its obligations towards INF - Pompeo

Politics 12/4/2018, 6:29 PM
US ending its obligations towards INF - Pompeo

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday that Washington will effectively suspend its international obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) within 60 days unless Russia complies with the agreement. Speaking at a press conference at a summit of NATO foreign ministers, Pompeo pointed out that the US would not produce, deploy, or test any nuclear weapons during the given period of time, urging Moscow to end its missile program.

Washington's NATO allies supported the US government's move, concluding that Russia was in violation of the INF. In a joint statement, NATO foreign minister said that they "strongly support the finding of the United States that Russia is in material breach of its obligations," urging Moscow to "return urgently to full and verifiable compliance. It is now up to Russia to preserve the INF Treaty."

In October, US President Donald Trump stated Washington would pull out from the INF due to Russia's alleged violations of the agreement. Moscow condemned the move, stressing it would make the world "a more dangerous place" and dismissing the accusations of non-compliance.

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