Pentagon devising plans for Afghan withdrawal - report

Politics | War / Terrorism 1/9/2019, 1:08 AM
Pentagon devising plans for Afghan withdrawal - report

Under the order of United States President Donald Trump, the Pentagon is devising plans for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, sources close to the matter told The Washington Post.

The US president reportedly wanted half of the 14,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan to be pulled out, although military experts are trying to push for a slower and smaller withdrawal lest to endanger the ongoing operations. However, no conclusions have been reached and the officials are hesitant to give specific information, the article noted. The final decision for the timeline and the number of troops that might withdraw from Afghanistan rests on the White House.

Earlier, spokesman for the National Security Council Garrett Marquis said Trump has not made the decision to reduce the number of military personnel serving in Afghanistan despite previous media reports.

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