Report: May wants joint institutional network with EU

Politics 7/11/2018, 5:11 PM
Report: May wants joint institutional network with EU

The white paper scheduled to be released by the government of the United Kingdom contains plan for a "joint institutional framework" with the European Union after the country's departure, according to Laura Kuenssberg. BBC's political editor wrote on Wednesday, quoting an unnamed source from the cabinet of Prime Minister Theresa May, that the document outlining the platform for Brexit talks raised concern. It is set to be published on July 12.

Brexiteers are "not happy," she added in a Twitter post and claimed "some push even for more edits to document. The source apparently highlighted there is concern within the camp that there would be elements of an "even closer relationship" with EU proposed than at the cabinet's meeting in Chequers last week, after which several prominent members left the government.

The said person from Downing Street observed the turmoil "only affects dispute resolution network" instead of "the whole approach."

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