Russian Embassy in US: Claims of meddling in Charlottesville 'absurd'

Politics 8/13/2018, 2:49 AM
Russian Embassy in US: Claims of meddling in Charlottesville 'absurd'

Russian Embassy in Washington DC dismissed allegations that Moscow has been exploiting last year's events in Charlottesville, Virginia to foment social conflict and racial division in the United States.

In a Facebook post, the mission rejected the claims as "absurd" and unfounded, specifically referring to a statement by a Republican congressman Tom Garett, who told CNN on Saturday that alleged Russian interference "played a role" in Charlottesville tensions. Garett claimed that this was confirmed to him at a briefing session with FBI two months ago.

The embassy added that this kind of rhetoric serves to assign responsibility to others, rather than deal with internal racial tensions, which seem to persist even after 150 years. On Sunday in DC, white nationalists organized a rally to commemorate the clashes between white nationalists and antifascists in Charlottesville exactly a year ago, however, they were reportedly outnumbered by opposing protesters.

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