UK police to fight illegal use of drones

Technology 1/8/2019, 4:33 AM
UK police to fight illegal use of drones

The United Kingdom government gave police new powers to deal with the illegal use of drone technology, following a recent emergency at Gatwick Airport when drone sightings caused a temporary closure of the runway and massive delays. "The police will have the power to search premises and seize drones - including electronic data stored within the device - where a serious offense has been committed and a warrant is secured," the government said.

The UK government added that "the recent disruption to Gatwick airport operations, affecting tens of thousands of passengers in the run-up to Christmas, was a stark example of why continued action is required to make sure drones are used safely and securely in the UK."
According to the plan, the police will only need to have "reasonable suspicion" that an offense has been committed to search and question drone owners. Police will also be able to fine people for minor drone offenses.

The Home Office said it will begin testing the "safe use" of a range of counter-drone technology. "This crucial technology will detect drones from flying around sensitive sites, including airports and prisons, and develop a range of options to respond to drones, helping to prevent a repeat of incidents such as that recently experienced at Gatwick," the Home Office announced.

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