UN envoy hails Yemen ceasefire progress

Politics | War / Terrorism 1/9/2019, 5:27 PM
UN envoy hails Yemen ceasefire progress

The ceasefire in the Yemeni city of Hodeida has led to a notable drop in violence since its commencement, the United Nations' envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths (pictured) told that organization on Wednesday.

The truce, which was implemented last month, anticipates the eventual withdrawal of both the Saudi-led coalition forces as well as the opposing Houthis. Although Griffiths noted that the ceasefire had been sporadically violated, there had been much less fighting than prior to it. He also praised the efforts of former Dutch general Patrick Cammaert and his Redeployment Co-ordination Committee, who are responsible for supervising the ceasefire.

Griffiths concluded by stating that the focus would in time turn to the easing of the country's economic situation and the reopening of its transport links. He stated that "we will continue to work with the parties to reach an agreement on supporting the Central Bank of Yemen and on re-opening Sanaa airport. Resolving both issues would make a significant contribution to alleviating humanitarian suffering in Yemen."

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