Yellow vests hit French streets for eighth time

Politics | World 1/5/2019, 6:00 PM
Yellow vests hit French streets for eighth time

Thousands of protesters gathered in several cities in France on Saturday in the eighth weekend of activities, which prompted President Emmanuel Macron to lift the minimum wage and strain the budget in an attempt to offset social unrest. The government has slammed the people that keep demonstrating, calling them the hardline element which only aims at toppling the administration.

Several hundred persons, many carrying the trademark yellow vests, came to Champs Elysees in Paris and faced a strong police force, where they clashed. The crowd grew to four thousand, journalists estimated. The number of participants has dwindled substantially since peaking a month ago.

Eric Drouet, one of the organizers, has been arrested and released after half a day. Pollsters still measure majority support for the movement's demands, even though the share of backers has weakened.

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